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As we were about to start our farm we found us self searching all over the internet not able to really find the information we were looking for and needed. We were unable to find information about production and what to expect as well as prices on things as inventory, cages and animals. Even just to find other breeders turned out to be difficult. We had the thought that it felt a bit like the chinchilla business were stuck compared to other businesses we knew about. When the time finally came when we got our own farm we decided to try to work with some areas of the business that we thought needed to be improved. It has let to that we today works with almost every branch of the business from running the farm to developing the farm program, helping other breeders get started both Danish and foreign and now starting our webshop selling cages, inventory etc. See below to read more about what we have to offer.



Help getting started


Whether you are from Denmark or another country you are always welcome to contact us for a talk about how to get started. We are always willing to let people come see our farm and we do also answer questions by phone or mail.

Breeding program


In corporation with the Spanish company Agritec we have developed a breeding program for chinchilla’s. The program is called Cunitec and if you ask us it is an indispensable tool to have on the farm. The program makes the daily work on the farm much easier as it helps you avoid unnecessary paper work as the program can store all data from all of your animals. This makes it easy to wean cups because the program tells you which cups are old enough and it which cages they are located. The program can also make all kinds of reports for instance one that tells you if you have females in your farm that are not getting mated or not produce enough cubs. It can also show you statistics of how well you males are performing and how many females they are mating. This and all of the other smart functions the program has help you maintain overview and control of your farm and through this increase your productivity. The program is also a great help when choosing new animals for breeding as it stores all data from your animals so that you can control the genetics of the parents to the animal you are considering to put into the breeding herd. The program is operated with a handheld PDA, an app for your smartphone which makes it easy to type in data as you go through your farm. The program can also be operated on your regular PC.

We have used our program during the past two years while it has been developing. The program is therefore carefully tested and both Danish and foreign breeders are now implementing the program in their farms. We are the distributors of the program so if you are interested in implementing the program on your farm then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will make you get started and implementing the program.




Alt til farmen


Click on this link and read more about buying cages, inventory, acessories etc. if you are from onther country www.beringfarmsupply.com