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About Bering Chinchilla


Bering Chinchilla was established in 2014 with 800 breeding females and 100 males. The majority of our breeding herd is the type Standard Grey. Furthermore we have built a solid herd of the type Violet. In the farm is also a smaller amount of the mutation types Wilson, Beige, Black Velvet, Black Pearl and Blue Diamond. The amount of Blue Diamond on the farm is expected to grow as the Violet herd strengthens.

At the end of 2016 Bering Chinchilla will start renovating new stables in order to expand the herd to 1600 breeding females.



Getting started

Are you considering to start breeding chinchillas. Do you need guidance or advice on how to get started then you are always welcome to contact us and we will do our best to provide the info you need. Visitors are also always welcome on our farm. You can contact us by mail or phone. Our contact information is listed under “contact”.

Read about how we started up, our thourgts and goals back in 2014, at that time Chinchilla farming on professinal level wasen't as regular as it is today.That was about to change and we could see our predictions was right all ready in 2015 where many new big farmers started up Chinchilla farming.

Our goals

Our main focus area is to breed strong and healthy animals that are highly productive. All animals selected for breeding are selected from a set of high demands to both the fur quality of the animal but also from an evaluation of the genetics of the parents. All data from the parents are available in our breeding program Agritec. The breeding program is a valuable asset both when choosing future breeding material but also in the daily work in the farm. Read more under “Breeding work”.

Our first real auction were in January 2015 and the newspaper wanted to follow us thrugh to see how it went.