Bering Chinchilla




Even though we focus a lot on having highly productive animals it does not mean that we do not focus just as much on having high quality animals. That the animals have the right size, color, beautiful white belly, cold glow and right amount of hair is something we focus a lot on. Therefore we are also very proud that we time and time again are able to find our animals represented in the Top Lot on the auction. This confirms that the hard work we put into choosing the best animals are paying off.




Race - mutation

At Bering Chinchilla our primary type is Standard Grey. We are very engaged in having a strong base of Standard Grey. This type is of coursed bred pure (standard on standard) but we also use them to breed into our different mutation types in order to strengthen the quality in these types.

Our secondary type is Violet. We have built a strong herd consisting of 100 breeding Violets. We have spent a long time building the herd only choosing the absolutely best animals for further breeding. From the Violet herd we have now started to breed Blue Diamond.

The final mutation type we have chosen to make room for in the farm is the Black Pearl. We think this is a very interesting new type and we are excited to see how it will develop through concentrated breeding.

Besides the above mentioned types then you will also be able to find the types Wilson, Beige and Black Velvet on the farm but just not in as big numbers as the above mentioned types.



Choosing breeding animals

When choosing the animals we want to breed on we judge the animals from its quality and its genetics – both factors have to be equally good. For instance even though an animal might be really really beautiful and have a high skin quality then we would never use it as a breeding animal if we can see that the mother of the animal has produced few and small litters with for instance only 1 cub in each litter. In this case we will not find the genetics strong enough to breed on.

There are different factors and qualities that we think are given from either the mother or the father and therefore we tend to judge the males and females a little bit differently. We believe that parenting abilities is mostly from the female genes and the color is mostly from the male genes so we take these factors into consideration when putting together the families in order to create the absolutely best combination and the best compatibility between the male and female.



In our farm and in our breeding one of our main focus areas is the productivity of the animals. We experience that a lot of breeders tend to only judge the animal from how it looks (the quality). We of course agree that the quality of the animal has to be great but however we find that there is not enough focus on also having highly productive animals that produces big and many litters. To improve productivity in our own farm we implemented the Cunitec breeding program that we have helped develop. This helps us keep track of the best breeding animals on the farm so that we can pick their cubs as future breeding animals – if of course the quality is as good as the productivity. The program also helps us find lazy males or females around the farm that are not mating. This helps us to decide if the animal has to be removed from the breeding herd or given another chance. The program also allow us to store all data and through this always be able to check the genetics of all our animals to see which animals are bred from highly productive parents.